Standard betting


Lucky 6 is lottery game with total of 48 numbers in a draw. From these 48 numbers, 35 numbers will be drawn.


Customer can select from 6 up to 10 numbers  and he can select numbers from 1-48.

If in the 35 numbers that are drawn are all 6 numbers that customer chose, his ticket will be a winning ticket and his winning amount will be – stake x price of the last drawn number. ( price you can see on the screen next to the your last winning number )

In case that in 35 drawn numbers are not all 6 numbers that customer select his ticket will be non-winning/loser.


Random numbers


There is a possibility for customers to use option random select 6 or 10 numbers.. It's a random combination of numbers that a customer can repeat in as many draws as he wants up to maximum of 12 draws.




Option NEXT means that customer can choose how many draws in advance he want to bet, minimum is 2 and maximum 12 draws.




ODR means that customer on one ticket can bet on few different combinations, and stake/pay in will be divided on number of selected draws(same amount for each draw).

Ticket will be winner if at least one of the selected combination is winning.

If we have more winning combinations, all those winnings will be summed.

Winning of one combination depending of :stake/pay multiply with odds on which is last number drawn out.




In this case customer can choose more than 6 numbers, 7,8,9 or 10. Customer will have on the ticket system bet 6/7; 6/8; 6/9; 6/10.Winning will be if from selected numbers minimum 6 are drawn out.

More numbers selected will also mean more number of the combinations.

System 6/7 have 7 possible combinations

System 6/8 have 28 possible combinations

System 6/9 have 84 possible combinations

System 6/10 have 210 possible combinations


Example if customer place a bets 6/9, that would mean that he selected 84 difference combinations of 6 numbers in total. This will mean that he actually played 84 different tickets with 6 different numbers ( out of this 9 )


Calculation of system bet


Stake/Pay in divide on total number of combinations, and each combination is a separate. All winning combinations need to be summed . When summed, we will get the total payout for the ticket.




Just before the draw, on the screen we will have 2 Marked numbers with the letter B. These marked numbers are bonus and if customers combination is finishing exactly on that Bonus number, customer will get bonus.




To win big bonus last of 6th  selected numbers must be drawn between positions 6 and 22, in that case winning will be increased by 100%




To win small bonus last of 6th  selected numbers must be drawn out between positions 23 and 35, in that case winning will be increased by 50%




Jackpot amount can be seen on the Lucky 6 screen in the shops/online. Only the loosing tickets for that draw when jackpot is drawn are eligible for the Jackpot.

Jackpot will be announced after one of the drawings is completed, the ID number of the ticket that WON Jackpot will be displayed on the TV.


Color of the first number:


Select which color will be the first drawn number. If color that is selected is  the same as color of the first drawn number, bet is winning and the price of the bet is 8.00.
Options that can be chosen are Red / Brown / Green / Blue / Pink / Violet / Yellow / Orange


First number under/over (24.5)


In this option customer is selecting if the first number will be higher or lower than 24.5.

Example – Customer played under 24.5 and the first drawn number was 24, his bet is winning because 24 is lower number that 24.5. Price for this option are 1.85 / 1.85

Options that can be chosen are Under 24.5 or OVER 24.5


Sum of the first five numbers under/over (122.5):


In the "Sum of the first 5 numbers" bet, select if the sum of the first five drawn numbers will be under or over of 122.5. The odd for winning selection is 1.85

Options that can be chosen are Under 122.5 or OVER 122.5


First drawn  number EVEN or ODD


Select if the first drawn number will be EVEN or ODD. The odd for winning selection is 1.85

Options that can be chosen are EVEN or ODD


More EVEN or ODD numbers in first five drawn out numbers:


Select if between first five drawn numbers will be more EVEN or ODD numbers. The odd for winning selection is 1.85.Options that can be chosen are EVEN or ODD


Number drawn  in the first 5:


Select one number that will be drawn in first 5 draw numbers. The odd for winning selection is 8.

Options that can be chosen: any number from 1 to 48


Ticket Cancellation


Ticket cancellation can be done no later than 5 seconds before draw starts.



The organizer is not responsible for any delays or interruptions in the “Lucky 6” betting game, caused by unforeseeable circumstances whose consequences are inviolable.


If the ticket is damaged or partially damaged and the ID number or the Payout code is not fully visible, the organizer reserves the right not to pay such a ticket.